Super Sample Sale 2019

We host a sample sale once a year and 2019’s Super Sample Sale will take place on April 7th from 12:00-5:00!

What is a Super Sample Sale? This is a one-day event where we offer select wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses and accessories for sale at a deep discount. We don’t do any sales throughout the year so this is the one time to snag yourself an amazing deal! In order to make room for all of the new wedding dresses that will be arriving in June, we will be selling over 60 wedding dresses off the rack, as-is. So, the dress you see and try on is the dress you will be purchasing!

We have a couple of modifications in store for this years SSS! The main being that we are taking appointments! This only applies to you if you are looking at wedding dresses. If you are looking at bridesmaid dresses or accessories, appointments aren’t needed! We will have 12 appointments available starting at 12:00 and going to 3:00. Then, we will have walk-in hours from 3:00-5:00!

Here are some helpful hints to prepare for your SSS appointment!
1. We will have a Pinterest page go live 1 week before the SSS. This will allow you to pre-shop the SSS so you can come in with an idea of what dresses you’d like to try on!
2. You will have your own dressing room and a consultant assigned to that room. While the consultant won’t be in your room, assisting you as we would a non sample sale appointment, they are there to answer any questions you have or help you pull similar styles. Definitely utilize them, especially if you need help locating something!
3. You have access to our 3-way mirrors at the center of the boutique but keep in mind you only have 45 minutes to try dresses on so we recommend spending most of your time in your fitting room (this is also why we ask you to limit your guests).
4. Keep in mind these are sample dresses that have been tried on by other brides. Some wear and tear is to be expected but the prices have been adjusted to reflect that!
5. Most of our dresses will be street clothes size 8-12. Alterations are to be expected of any dress you purchase but that’s true even if you bought a brand new dress in your size!
6. We will not be offering alterations on any samples purchased. This is something we’ve had to change this year due to being understaffed in our alterations department!

In order to keep this event as fair as possible we have a few rules in place!
1. There is a 5 dress limit in the dressing rooms at any one time! As you remove 1 dress, you can bring another one in but there can only be 5 dresses in your room at one time.
2. NO HOLDING DRESSES! We will ask you to put back any dress that a member of your party is holding for you. It’s just not fair to the other brides in attendance and we really try to be as fair to all of our guests as possible so thank you for understanding!
3. Please limit your party to max of 3 guests.
4. This is a cash and carry sale and we will be accepting cash or any major credit cards. Checks will not be accepted!
5. All sales are final. Because of the nature of this sale you need to be prepared to make a decision on the dress that day. We will not be holding dresses.

Edited: All of our appointments booked up within 24 hours after our Instagram Stories announcement! We opened up 4 more appointment times but remember that open hours start at 3:00 and there will be at least 3 rooms for your use. All the same rules apply to our open hours.

Don’t worry if you aren’t able to snag an appointment! There are over 60 dresses available! I can promise it will be worth your time to just come see what’s available!

There will be 2 fittings rooms open for your bridesmaids to try dresses on. You do not need an appointment for bridesmaids. It will be a wait in line situation. This worked for us last year so we’ll be doing the same next year. In regards to bridesmaids: it is always insanity right when we open and then by 12:45 the bridesmaid section is dead. We will have over 90 bridesmaid dresses for sale in lots of wearable, pretty colors so trust me when I say you’ll be fine to come by later in the day to shop the bridesmaid section.

There is only 1 rule for bridesmaids and that is a max of 5 dresses per person to try on at any one time. If you want to try on 5 more dresses after your initial selection, you’ll have to get back into line.

All of our bridesmaids will be on sale for $49.50 + tax! These dresses are normally priced at $260-$320 so it’s a great time to buy your dress for that upcoming wedding!

You also do not need an appointment for accessories! They will be displayed on a couple tables out front. There won’t be any earrings and only a couple veils for sale. BUT, we will have a lot of headpieces and sashes for sale!!

cover photo by Indigo Lace Collective