Bridal Alterations, FAQs & FYIs

We recently sat down with Luke from Unscripted Visuals to talk about our alterations department! This video covers what to expect at your appointment, questions we frequently get regarding alterations and some things to keep in mind during the process. Keep reading for the text to this video!

Cover photo by Indigo Lace Collective

So you have scheduled your first alterations appointment, yay!  This means your wedding is almost here and in the not to far future you get to wear that beautiful wedding dress down the aisle!

Here are a few things to keep in mind

#1) Alterations is a process and we often say they are called fittings and not finishings.  You will have 3-4 fittings for standard alterations and 4-5 if you’re doing customizations such as adding a sleeve!  Your dress won’t be perfect at your second fitting but keep in mind that by time you walk down that aisle, your dress is going to fit you so beautifully!

#2) Alterations are a separate cost.  We charge by the service being done and you will be given an estimate at your first fitting.  We ask that ½ of the estimate is paid at your first fitting.  The balance is due at your final fitting.

#3) You do want to limit the number of people you bring to your fittings.  Your fitting will last for 1 hour and we do a lot of things in that hour so to keep the appointment forward moving, we ask that you only bring 2 guests with you.  Now, if you have extended family you want to show your dress to, we encourage you to make an appointment to do just that!  That way you can show all your loved ones your amazing dress without being pulled away for alterations questions!

#3) It’s very important to bring your shoes and any special undergarments you plan on wearing to each of your fittings.  We’ll mark your hem at your first fitting and then check it at the 2nd.  We’ll check your bustle at your 3rd fitting so it’s really important to have your shoes with you each time!

#4) If you have questions or concerns never, never hesitate to let us know.  We always say we can’t fix what we don’t know about so if something feels weird on the dress or you aren’t totally pleased with something, you just need to let us know.  You won’t hurt our feelings and at the end of the day, we have the same goals for you and we are on your team!!

How the process works:

You’ll want to make your first appointment for 8-10 weeks before you wedding.  I would recommend making your appointment at least 2 weeks in advance but if you know your schedule now, there is no such thing as too early to get your fittings on the schedule!

You’ll meet with one of our highly trained seamstresses and we will begin to fit the dress to your specific figure!  The first fitting will last 1 hour and we’ll be pinning all the work to be completed on your dress.  At the second fitting, we’ll be checking the work that was done and seeing if any other tweaks need to be made.  Plan on 60 minutes for your 2nd fitting!  At your 3rd fitting, we will teach you how to bustle your dress, how to sit down, how to use the restroom, fun things like that! 

We like to do your last fitting 2 weeks before you wedding to ensure the fit is still good and you are welcome to take your dress with you at your last fitting or you can pick it up at our boutique the week of your wedding.  Regardless of when you pick up your dress, we will give it a final steam.

As always, never hesitate to reach out with any questions you might have!  Bridal alterations may be a new experience for you and we want to ease your concerns and answer any of your questions.