1 dress, different bodies

Gabi, my sales manager, and I sat down this week to talk about 2019 goals. We have always had this desire to promote, foster and encourage body positivity. You want to look and feel amazing on your wedding day and we want to help you achieve that starting with your appointment with us, going through your final fitting.

So many of our brides follow us on social media and bring in pictures from our Instagram page (which we love). A lot of what you see on our social media pages are dresses on 1 body. We want to give you more tools to help you walk into your bridal appointment with confidence and excitement!

There are several of us here that are happy (understatement) to put on wedding dresses to give you an idea of how the dress looks on different figures. I always say that a dress will look completely different on every bride. We are individuals with different figures and different styles. It’s so amazing that one dress can translate so well to different figures and styles!

We hope you love this new feature! To give you an idea of what you can expect, here is Alex, Gabi and myself all wearing the same Essense of Australia dress (style D2587)

Here it is on the model:

Alex is 5’4” with an athletic body type, a large bust and small hips.

Gabi is 5’6” with a pear shaped body, a small bust and larger hips.

Autumn is 5’3” with an apple shaped body, a large bust and small hips.

Brittan is 5’8″ with an hourglass figure!

This dress looks amazing on all of us because a good quality wedding dress is going to make you feel comfortable and when you feel comfortable your beauty shines easily through. We can’t wait to bring you all more of this! If you put on a dress and you feel beautiful, we’ve done our job! Hopefully this just gives you more of an idea of how different dresses fit different shapes!

Until next time loves,