Baby Edmons!

Miles & Mallory sure know how to start off a marriage!

After their date was pushed back from June to August, their venue was switched multiple times, and the ceremony location was changed twice, these two took the planning into their own hands and pulled off an incredible surprise for their friends & family.

At the rehearsal dinner, the father of the groom opened the evening with a speech. At the end, he started the evening off by introducing the new Mr. & Mrs. Harrington! an hour before the rehearsal dinner, Miles & Mallory tied the knot in front of their parents. Everyone was so surprised, it was so fun seeing everyone's excitement for this sweet couple! Scroll to the end to see photos from the rehearsal dinner!

The next day, the ceremony & reception took place in the backyard of Mallory's childhood home. When the venue changed plans once again just 3 weeks before Miles & Mallory's wedding date, Mallory & her mom decided to just host the wedding in their backyard. No one could believe how these women pulled such a stunning wedding off! The wedding coordinator was incredible and everything turned out absolutely beautiful!

Just a reminder that sometimes plan B, plan C, and even plan Z can be just as beautiful as plan A - and sometimes even more beautiful.

Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Harrington!

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My goodness, I'm continually amazed by the incredible couples who trust me to capture their wedding days. Ethan & Ellie are no exception. As we all know, 2020 has been one crazy year. In the wedding industry, we see firsthand how flexible couples need to be with the ever changing restrictions due to Covid.

From Ellie's wedding band being lost in the mail, her wedding dress being locked in a bridal boutique in Michigan, and switching the date of their wedding - just to name a ...few of the changes they've had to deal with, I can say they have displayed so much patience and grace through it all.

Despite the uncertainty of this world and all the unknowns of the future, Ethan & Ellie focused on the true meaning of their wedding day. The life-long commitment they were making to one another while trusting in a never-changing, all-knowing, and loving & gracious God is what mattered most. They never lost sight of this even amidst all the chaos surrounding their wedding plans. We could all learn a valuable lesson from these two.

Their wedding day turned out to be such a gorgeous day! God has a way of always redeeming our broken plans and turning them into something new and far more beautiful. Ethan & Ellie's families were so welcoming and some of the sweetest people I've ever met. It was such an honor to share in their joy as Ethan & Ellie promised to love one another and serve God together for the rest of their lives.

Congratulations Mr & Mrs. Pettit! May God richly bless your marriage!

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20 guests & no bridal party.

Would you believe me if I told you this wedding was planned last fall?! Before Covid, before all the restrictions - this wedding wasn’t their plan B. This small intimate wedding was their plan A from the start.

This day was so special as Brandon & Kristin became husband and wife. They celebrated with their families, and it was such an incredibly relaxed day. These two decided a big wedding just wasn’t for them and that was okay. Their intimate wed...ding was beautiful, and it reflected this sweet couple perfectly!

Small intimate weddings are quickly becoming my favorite. I truly love the variety of all different kinds of wedding days, but I’ll be honest - stripping away all the extra stuff and having the day solely focused on the marriage of the couple is what it’s truly all about. ♥️

Congratulations, Mr. & Mrs. Chaffee. How about you renew your vows every year because I could photograph your wedding every weekend!

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The day is finally here!!! By the end of today, Brandon & Kristin will be husband and wife! Can't wait to celebrate this precious couple!

Colin proposed to Annie on May 29, 2020, and they will become husband & wife on May 29th next year! ❤️ This sweet couple loves Jesus, and it is all thanks to God for bringing these two together. God writes the best stories, and it was an absolute honor to photograph just the beginning of the amazing story He is writing for Colin & Annie. So excited for these two to experience the blessing of marriage, and grow in God's love and kindness as He refines them both through their life-long covenant to one another. ❤️

You can seriously FEEL the joy & love between these two in every single photo! They made my job so easy!

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God is so good & faithful! ♥️

We are overwhelmed with joy to announce the arrival of our second SON!!!

Abigail Renee Edmons is with Damon Edmons and Marianne Stroud at Holy Family Birth Center.

Welcome to the world, beautiful baby BOY!!!

We welcomed our second sweet son earth-side yesterday morning at 4:32 AM at Holy Family Birth Center surrounded by t...he best birth team in the world. His birth story has God’s hand over every single detail. I cannot wait to share the story of his redemptive birth. God’s mercies are never ending. We are overwhelmed by God’s graciousness and kindness to us. What a blessing it is to be parents to two boys! You can see our reactions in the 5th photo the moment we found out we have another son! ❤️

Little brother takes after Reid already! Baby boy weighed the same as Reid at birth and is the exact same length! So fun to have these brothers share small details like this!

7lbs 10oz
20 inches
4:32 AM

“Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than we could ever ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us.” - Ephesians 3:20

“It is a mercy that weakness in labor and delivery tears down the barriers we build up and gives us more of what we really need — God Himself” - Rise Motherhood

We’ll be sharing the NAME very soon! ❤️ Too much goodness to share all in one post!

📷 - THE LITERAL BEST TEAM EVER!! Labor of Love - birth photography & doula services

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  • Caroline Fansler Congratulations on another handsome boy!!
  • Kimberly Greb He is so precious! Congrats to you & your beautiful family on Ezra’s birth! Im sure Reid is loving being a big brother ❤️
    • Abigail Edmons Photography Thank you so much, Kim! ♥️ We are so blessed! Reid absolutely adores Ezra, and it is the cutest thing ever! He always asks to hold him and says “where is my baby?”.... so thankful the transition is going well so far! ♥️

Hayes Oliver. 1 week new. ❤️

Such a sweet morning with this family yesterday. Erin is such a beautiful and amazing boy mama. The support & love Kyle shows his wife is an incredible example of Christ's unconditional and never-ending love. Such an honor to capture this new family of 5!

Some of my favorite newborn/in-home photos I've ever taken are included in this session. Also, can we take a moment to just ohhh and ahhh over Hayes' incredible head of hair?! 😍

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  • Erin Warner Thank you Abigail! Love the photos. And you hit the nail on the head with your description of Kyle! He’s the best!
    • Abigail Edmons Photography You’re SO welcome!!! So thankful you love them! I remember you posting about how incredibly helpful Kyle was after Max’s birth, and watching his patience and support during the shoot reminded me of that! ♥️
  • Abbie Guntle Absolutely precious, all of them! ❤️

The Starkey family welcomed their first baby boy, Brooks Alexander, into the world this spring. We are so excited for this family and are grateful to call them friends. Looking forward to all the the play dates in the future!


1. I figured it was time to post a photo of my photography work. 🙈 You probably assumed I have taken a break from photography since I’m so terrible at posting my work. However, I’ve had 14 sessions in the last 6 weeks and I’m so excited to share all the beauty with you over the next month or so. I’ve just been working away at shoots, editing, painting kitchen cabinets, spray painting shelf brackets, and cleaning/washing the dust off every inch of our house after D...amon refinished all the wood floors in our home. (Way to go, babe!! 😘) We are hoping to move back home by Monday so we might have a few days to settle in before baby arrives! 🙌🏼😂🙈 Praying for even a week to get at least a load of newborn laundry done!

2. Does anyone else’s toddler shout/yell the most random words when they are upset to show their frustration? Let me see a raise of hands below! 🙋🏻‍♀️ For example, we were at IKEA and while checking out Reid was frustrated that I told him to come back as he was walking towards the exit. He turns around with a cranky face and yells back at me “Hamentashen” in the most frustrated voice he could muster up. Hamentashen is a Jewish cookie. 😂 Everyone probably thought my child was just making up a weird word because he was mad. Nope! Just pulling out his Hebrew. 😂

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So I don't even know how this photo was posted to my account, but I'm glad it seems like a good amount of people liked seeing it anyway.

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Remembering all of the men & women who lost their lives defending our country & our freedom. I’m so incredibly grateful for the sacrifice of those heroes and their families. ♥️ Let’s not forget the great privilege it is to live in this country and all those who have given their lives to make it possible.

Happy Memorial Day, friends!

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Photographers in Indiana were given permission to start shooting outdoor sessions this past Monday, and I think I can speak for all of us that we are so excited to spend time with our clients again!!!

Riley is a 2020 senior at Lakewood Park. Riley is such a fun girl and full of so much life, and I had such a great time getting to know her more during her session. Like all 2020 seniors, Riley is missing out on the last few months of her senior year due to schools being closed... for the rest of the school year. I'm so glad Riley's family surprised her with a session to celebrate the end of her senior year. Enjoy this preview of this beautiful girl!

I'd love to hear if anyone else is doing anything to celebrate the seniors in their families during this time. Leave your ideas in the comments below! No better time to make others feel special & loved!

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  • Michelle Gresham SO glad you are back to work! Wish I could say the same with getting into hospitals with our families 😭

    These are so beautiful!! Wouldn't expect anything less from you ❤️
    • Abigail Edmons Photography I am so sorry! I wish photographers and videographers were allowed in the hospitals even during this time because you can't get those moments back. :(

      Thank you so much, Michelle! You are so sweet! <3
  • Deb King She’s beautiful and she truly has a contagious smile💗. Great job, my friend.

FRESH 48 Photo Guide by Natalie Thomas Photography !!

Friends, I have been following Natalie for years! I absolutely ADORE all of her work! I seriously considered if it was possible to fly her out to Indiana for a session when our baby is born for one of her Fresh 48 sessions. Okay, you get the hint, I LOVE her work!

Anyway, Natalie just released a guide for mamas to help them capture their own Fresh 48 photos during this crazy time when photographers aren't allowed at th...e hospitals. You should definitely check out the link below if you are expecting your own little miracle in the coming months and won't be able to have a photographer capture these new moments of your family. Feel free to tag any of your friends who are pregnant too! You won't regret taking the time to capture your little one and family during those first couple days, even if it looks different than you had originally planned.

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Hello friends!!

I know it's been a crazy past month for everyone with everything going on. I just want everyone to know my family has been praying for you all - for joy in your homes, for health for your family & friends, and for this slower season of life to provide more time for you to show kindness in big and in the smallest of ways.


My second annual event for the Free Motherhood Mini Sessions this spring will sadly be POSTPONED. The good news is the event is NOT canceled, only postponed to a later date. I wish I could set a new date for the event, but until this season of social distancing passes I can't be sure when we will be able to get together to capture you & your precious children. As soon as a new date is set, you will be the first to know!

All I can tell you is the wait will be WORTH IT for the Motherhood Minis this year. We have some BIG plans we have been working on to make this event even better than last year! Keep an eye out for when new information is released!

Thank you so much for your understanding! Stay home and stay safe, friend. Hopefully we can reschedule this event sooner than expected! Please leave any questions you have in the comments below, I would love to answer any you may have.

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  • Cassie Tedder I was thinking about this and your business with all this. I’d love to be included when it comes, whenever that day is. Glad you are healthy- Blessings on all of you!
  • Marissa Leigh Yes please! I am praying for you and your family, too! Thank you for this!

It's been a YEAR since one of my all time favorite maternity sessions. We were on the coast of California with two dear, sweet friends and now their precious Hazel girl is 8 months old! ❤️

If you could have your session ANYWHERE in the world, where would it be? I've love to hear! Drop your answers below!! ⬇️

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With all the craziness going on in the world right now, there is still so much to be thankful for. Each day, each breath, the Lord's new mercies every morning, and especially new life. This precious couple is expecting their sweet rainbow baby this fall! My husband and I pray for many couples each night - whether it's for a healthy pregnancy or for the Lord to grant them the gift of growing their family someday. I stood in my kitchen with tears in my eyes when I found out we would be changing our prayers for Blake & Gabrielle. We now have the honor of praying to God to grow and sustain the new life He has graciously entrusted to this sweet couple. Congratulations, friends!! Parenthood already looks SO good on you two!

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  • Gabrielle Schumacher What a blessing you are! Thank you for your prayers and sharing in our joy. We could not possibly be more obsessed with these photos!! You have the most selfless heart and I am just so thankful for you. Love you, sweet friend! ❤️
  • Gina Monteleone Harman Gorgeous pictures and congrats!


Okay friends, I've already asked past clients and put a poll out on Instagram to see who all is interested in another round of FREE Motherhood Mini Sessions this spring. Last year was my first year of hosting this type of event and it was beyond successful! I had the honor of photographing 74 mamas with their children one Sunday afternoon. I am so excited to hopefully be hosting these sessions again this spring!

I'd love to hear if any other m...amas are interested! PLEASE COMMENT below if you would be interested in attending this type of event! Tag ALL your mama-friends who you think would love free photos of themselves with their littles as well! The more mamas the better!

This event is for ALL ages! You can be pregnant and get some beautiful bump photos, or you can be 70 years old and bring your own mama out who's pushing 100! I'd love any and every mama to come out and let me capture the beautiful season you are in with your precious children (even if your son is 15 and hates photos, I promise I will get at least 1 smile and make it worth your time!).

Thank you so much, friends!! Can't wait to see who else is interested in this event!

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  • Dede Dold LaRowe Yes! With my daughters first baby bump!
    • Abigail Edmons Photography Thank you SO much for your interest!! I just posted details about the event sadly being postponed, but please keep an eye out for it being rescheduled as soon as everything calms down. I would love to photograph you and your children! Be sure to comment on the new post because I will comment on each of those comments to notify you when the new date is set for later this year!! <3
  • Nicole Gerhardt Yes! We loved it last year!! It’s crazy to think I was a day overdue when you took our pictures last year, and now my littlest is almost a year! You did amazing, and I treasure these photos! Especially when most all the photos of me with my kids are selfies. 😂
    • Abigail Edmons Photography Thank you SO much for your interest!! I totally understand the selfie photos, that's pretty much all I have too! I would love to see you again this year!! <3 I just posted details about the event sadly being postponed, but please keep an eye out for itSee More