Essense of Australia Designer Preview Show April 28th & 29th

We’ve been invited to host an Essense of Australia Designer Preview Show! To find out more details about the event, read on below, but the main points is you get to see and try on dresses from not-yet-released Essense of Australia collection and you’ll be able to make one of these dresses yours a year before any other bride in the country!  Talk about being in front of the bridal trends!!

Make your appointment for Friday, April 28th & Saturday, April 29th, 2023!

What is a Preview Show?
Essense will send us around 30 wedding dresses that won’t be in stores till late Early Spring 2024!  This means you get to try on and purchase a wedding dress before any other bride in the country!  You’re also able to give your own feedback on the dresses you try on!  So, you get to have a hand in helping to finalize the collection!

What’s the benefit of finding my dress during the event?
Because this is not the final collection, the designs are constantly changing.  The dress you fall in love with could get cut the following week which means you get a one of a kind wedding dress (and how cool is that?!).  Our manager, Gabi, found her ceremony dress at this event four years ago and while her dress did get put into the final collection, her dress had additional lace on the train and a modified neckline that the final design didn’t have!  Lexi found her dress at our last event when Essense sent us a dress, last minute, and we had it for 1 day!

What’s the price range?
Similar to our permanent Essense of Australia collection, these wedding dresses will range from $1,600 up to $2,600.  You only need 1/2 down to get your dress ordered during this event and once you purchase your dress with us, you get a discount on all  special order accessories.

What’s the size range?
The preview show dresses will be sent to us in bridal size 10s (similar to a 6/8 in street clothes) but our entire boutique will be open for our brides to try on.

Do I need an appointment?
Yes, you do!  This is always a popular event and we will book up so go ahead and schedule your appointment now!  Email us at, fill out the contact us page here or call us at (260) 483-8000.

This is an amazing event where you get to see, try on and purchase a wedding dress that almost no other bride in the country has even seen!  There are only 2 “rules” during this event #1) Your wedding date needs to be on or after May 1st, 2023 and #2) no pictures of the preview show dresses are allowed during this event.  In order to respect the integrity of the designs, the designers have asked that no pictures be taken.  If you purchase an Essense dress during the event, you are welcome to take a picture of that dress!  But no worries, either way, you will be celebrated!