Wedding Day- What I Would Have Done Differently

I have been married for a month now and life has started to settle down- I have so much time on my hands now that wedding planning is over! Will I ever use Pinterest that much again?! Wedding planning was truly so much fun. We tell Brides all the time that you can put the focus on either the wedding or the marriage and let me tell you, I am so happy that I chose to put it on the marriage. Focusing on what getting married truly stands for allowed me to just enjoy the wedding day so incredibly much and all of the days leading up to it! I find myself constantly looking at our wedding photos and watching our video because it brings me such joy to think back on that day. Our wedding day was just filled with so much joy. I honestly don’t think that Blake and I were ever not smiling!! Although we were all smiles, there are some things that I probably would have done differently and girls, take notes!

The first thing that I would have done differently was to wait a second to choose the bridal party. I was so excited and wanted to do everything right away, but I think it would have been nice to take a second and relax. Friendships change- so I would recommend to give it some time so that you are sure these are the people that you want standing up next to you on your wedding day! Luckily, I did end up with that, but save yourself some stress and give yourself some time!

The second thing that I would have done differently was to have enjoyed the morning of my wedding a little bit more. I got literally one single hour of sleep that night before (Enneagram type 6- thinking of all the things that could go wrong!) and I was tired and I think nervous as well. I was not stressed during any other part of the planning, but I think the night before made up for that!! I got my makeup done and had a moment of panic because it was not how I normally do it. I did not do a makeup or hair trial – SO unlike me – so I was freaking out. I went home and put a little more bronzer on, lined my lips, and I was back to normal. I would recommend doing at least a makeup trial. I got my hair done by someone who has done my hair for all special occasions, so I was not one bit nervous about the hair. I was stressed for like an hour and then I totally calmed down and got to enjoy the morning. What a wasted hour, though!

The third thing that I would have changed would be that I would have looked at my groom as I walked down the aisle! Ahh! I totally just forgot! I was looking around and waving at all of the people that came to celebrate us and I totally forgot until I walked down practically the entire the aisle to look at Blake. Blake is a man of little emotion (we even each other out in that aspect), so to see him cry as he looked at me meant the world. Luckily, we at least have it on video 🙂

The fourth thing that I would have done differently was to have had more cake! I had six huge cakes. Chocolate 8 layer cake from Casa, Baker Street carrot cake, white, chocolate toffee, strawberry, and oatmeal cake from a family friend who makes cake that is seriously heavenly. The caterer that we had said that they have never seen people devour cake like they did at our wedding, ha! We had not a single slice left! Blake and I did not get to eat one single thing at our wedding- which is my second part to this. Take time to eat a little something. We were so sad that we picked our absolute favorite things (Mexican food, margaritas, and cake) and we did not get any of it!

I know what you’re thinking- if these are the things I would change, then I had a pretty perfect wedding day- and yeah, that is totally true! Our wedding day was our dream brought to reality. I chose from the beginning to choose joy in the midst of the wedding planning season and that is truly why I was able to enjoy our day so much! All in all, my advice to you would be to ENJOY being engaged and to enjoy marrying the love of your life! The little things do not matter- I promise you that! Stuff is bound to go wrong- its just inevitable, so let it be and enjoy your day!