Wedding Day Dreaming – an inspirational video for all our One Fine Day Brides

When we contacted Luke at Unscripted Visuals, we knew we wanted to create a video that somehow encompassed all the magical, exciting, nerve wracking, and awesome parts of this experience. I can’t speak for all brides, but I know as a little girl, I dreamed of my wedding day and when my time came around, I was feeling all those different emotions!

We love wedding dresses because we are fascinated by love and no other garment expresses love like a wedding dress! To love and be loved in return is the greatest human experience we can go through.

I hope this video brings a smile to your face and for my brides in the midst of wedding planning, may this video remind you of all the greatness in store for you. Day after day, we are honored that we get to be a part of this great moment in life. I always say that your wedding dress is with you during really important moments and you need to feel a connection to your wedding dress.

Congratulations to my beautiful One Fine Day Brides. I pray for a beautiful wedding day, an even more beautiful marriage and for your wedding dress to give you butterflies!

All my love,