Sample Sale FAQ

Our Sample Sale Pinterest Page is linked here!  This will let you pre-shop the sale and lets you get an idea of prices, sizes and looks!  The accessories and bridesmaids in the sale aren’t on the Pinterest Pages.


Let’s go over some of our frequently asked questions for our sample sale!

  1.  Do I need an appointment to look at Bridesmaids or Accessories!
    1. Yes!  In order for us to watch capacity and protect social distance guidelines, we need to know how many people will be in the store and when.  Even if you just want to buzz in during your lunch hour to look at veils, give us a call with a general time and we’ll write you down!
    2. If needed, you can call us and say you’re headed our way to look at accessories.  As long as we have a heads up, that will be great!
  2. What sizes are in the sale?
    1. Bridal sizes 10-30 and keep in mind bridal sizing is tricky!  A bridal size 12 is similar to a street clothes 8.  The sample sale is ideal for brides who are street clothes 6, 8, 10, 12, 18, 20,22, 24, 26, & 28.
    2. Dresses can easily be altered down 2 sizes and can be released 1 size.  As your consultant works with you, we can talk through the alterations that will be needed and whether or not they’ll be possible.  We don’t want to sell you a dress that can’t be altered to fit you!
  3. Do you do alterations?
    1. We don’t!  However, we have a list of 4 local seamstresses who have been used by past One Fine Day Brides.  We trust their work and are confident they will be able to take in or let out your dress as needed!
  4. “I’d like to spend $600 on my dress, is that possible?”
    1. For sure!  Here is a quick breakdown of our prices:  there are 13 dresses that will be priced at $350 & 40 dresses under $1,000.  Our highest priced sample will be $1,650.
  5. What are the price ranges on accessories?
    1. Veils will range from $95-$350.  Earrings will range from $25-$95.  Headpieces will range from $75-$115.
  6. What’s the deal with bridesmaid dresses?
    1. They will be on sale for $45 + tax each!  That’s right, $45!!  There will be a lot in popular colors as well like blush, black, & burgundy!
  7. What forms of payment do we take?
    1. We take all credit cards and cash! We don’t accept checks at our sample sale events.