One Fine Day Chats: Will my fiance like my dress?

Chat on will my fiance like my dress?

This year we decided to expand on our coffee chats of 2019.  You all loved them and we truly want to help you along your wedding dress journey.  Your wedding dress is about so much more than just a dress.  It is about the shopping experience you have in our boutique and it’s about the life moments that are facilitated, defined, created and protected within our 4 walls.

Each week, well be going live on Instagram for 10-15 minutes to talk about common questions, fears, how to, and what if topics.  These are just our opinions and thoughts and we always speak from the heart.  Whether you agree with us or not, thank you for tuning in!  And if you have any topics you want us to cover, contact us!  You can email with your topic!

Autumn: 00:03 This year we were talking about kind of doing coffee chats, but switching them up a little bit. So it’s not once a month and it’s a little bit different. We’re calling these, I don’t have a name for it yet, but like lunchtime breakout sessions or like mid day chats, just something kind of quick and easy and not super lengthy. So we went through and just wrote out a slew of topics about fears and concerns and questions we get all the time, what to do if and how to do this. So each week we’re just gonna pop on for like 10, 15 minutes and just chat real quick about what’s on our mind, what’s in our hearts and if you ever need help with something, let us know and we’ll be sure to talk about it.

Autumn:00:50  For today’s topic, I gave Gabi a list of 56 and she got to choose. So today’s topic is, Will my fiance like this dress? Fiances can be weird when it comes to wedding dresses, right? Some girls really want their opinion. Some girls are like, I want what I want, I don’t really care what he thinks. And I think deep down everybody wants their fiance to like the dress.

Gabrielle:01:18  Yeah.

Autumn: 01:19 Right?

Gabrielle: 01:19 I wish I could scream from the mountaintops that he’s marrying you for you, not for the dress that you choose to wear. So just let us say that first off.

Autumn: 01:33 And I think the hard part with fiances is they don’t get wedding dresses totally. Like they think if it’s white and it’s a ballgown that’s the only kind of wedding dress there is, is white and poofy. That’s it. We have a store full of them and very few are white and poofy, so, yeah.

Gabrielle: 02:00  So I’m a little different in this scenario because I did care what my husband thought. I wasn’t going to choose a dress based on what he wanted, but I wanted to choose a dress that I felt beautiful and confident in and if it was something he liked to then yay. That’s great. It’s okay if you want him to like your dress. But I would say don’t base your wedding gown off of that fact for sure.

Autumn: 02:27 Gabi’s original dress was pretty low cut, like almost down to the navel and I think you also didn’t love it, but I think he was also like maybe let’s not have anything too low.

Gabrielle: 02:38 I asked, you know, what do you want in my wedding dress and his one thing was like, maybe just not too showy. Like just cover it up a little bit.

Autumn: 02:46 So we added lace to Gabi’s neck line. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with loving your dress, but then making sure the element he asked you not to do isn’t in the dress. I also think on the other hand that if he’s like I hate ballgowns, I don’t want to see you in them and you love a ballgown, he’s going to love you in a ballgown.

Gabrielle: 03:09 Yes, I know. I’m so yes and no.

Autumn: 03:12  This is a hard question because, and I think it depends on your fiance, right?

Gabrielle: 03:15  Yeah, I think so too.

Autumn: 03:17  I never asked Blake what he wanted me to end the thought, never crossed my mind to ask what he wanted cause I figured it’s my dress and he’s gonna like whatever it is cause it’s me.

Autumn: 03:30  There’s nothing wrong with asking your fiance what he pictures you in or what he would love to see you in and there’s nothing wrong with that. But then don’t let that be your, like your North star for everything you pick. I think all your fiance wants you is to be confident and happy and he can see that on the wedding day. We have a lot of girls who say, “I just want to show him pictures. I just want to show my fiance pictures. “

Autumn: 04:01  I don’t know. We’re like, no, don’t because, well, there’s a couple of reasons. One, there’s something so special about that moment when he first sees you on your wedding day in your wedding dress. Like that is a moment that can’t be repeated and that’s never going to happen again.

Gabrielle: 04:16 Yeah.

Autumn: 04:16 So save that really special moment for that time. And you guys know, you’ll be flipping back through iPhone pictures and be like, why? Like what is that angle? Like why was she sitting down? You know? And so I think just showing iPhone photos is not gonna give the full story of how you look in that dress. So, don’t ruin the moment when he first gets to see you. Cause that’s really special.

Gabrielle: 04:46  A lot of girls will say “you know, I tell this person everything and I can’t tell them like the most important part. ” Well that’s what makes it special. Right? That makes it cool and fun. So yeah, we say save those pictures.

Autumn: 04:59   And you know what, like I think there’s so few times in life where we get like genuinely surprised about things and that there’s a genuine excitement about something. And I think your love story is full of those surprises. You know, your proposal isgenerally a surprise or what the ring looked like was a surprise, where he did it was a surprise. Finding your wedding dress will be a surprise. I promise you. Let there be these little pockets of surprises built into your love story. And personally we think this is just one of them. I think it’s great you want to share this with him because you are starting off on a lifelong journey together. Like you should want to share it with him even though I didn’t, so I don’t know what that says, lol. Like it’s okay to want to communicate with him about this because it’s really important. But let that be a surprise for him.

Gabrielle: 05:49 Yeah. Just makes it more fun.

Autumn: 05:52 I think the other thing we run into is you’be gone to a wedding together last summer and the bride wore a really fitted, really beautiful dress. And he was like, Oh gosh, I really do not like that. And you love a fitted beautiful wedding dress . That’s hard, but do not let it derail you ladies because he’s not marrying Susie, you know, he’s marrying you and you in a fitted wedding dress is different than Susie in a fitted wedding dress. So I think you have to take that kind of stuff with a grain of salt too. Or if you go to a wedding, he’s like, Oh my gosh, did she wear a pink dress? Like who would wear a pink dress? He’s not marrying Karen. He’s marrying you in a pink dress. Don’t fixate that when you’re shopping for your wedding dress. Cause yeah, he’s not gonna notice it was fitted or he’s not gonna notice it was pink. Or if he does then he’s going to be like “Oh my gosh, you look great in pink”, you know?

Gabrielle: 06:49  Or when you’re showing him photos of dresses and he picks the one that doesn’t look like yours.

Autumn: 06:54  It’s not you,it’s some random model in a photo shoot picture. Like it’s not just not the same thing of you in your wedding dress on your wedding day. And I cannot stress how important that is. He’s going to love whatever you love. Anything else?

Gabrielle: 07:10 I don’t think so.

Autumn: 07:16   Short and sweet ladies, we’re going to keep these just moving. Wear what you love and what you feel beautiful in and he’s going to love it.

Gabrielle: 07:29  Someone said he hasn’t marrying the dress he’s marrying you.

Autumn:  07:32    Absolutely. Amen. That’s true. Yeah. Very true. Yeah. Um, and he’s gonna love it regardless. Yup. All right ladies, that’s it for today. Short and sweet. I love it. If you guys have topics you want us to cover or you want our opinion on, um, and yes, this is just our opinion. So keep that in mind. You are free to disagree with us. Totally. Um, but let us know and otherwise, have a beautiful weekend and we’ll talk to you all later! Bye.

Chat on will my fiance like my dress?