How To Care For Your Wedding Dress (if you’ve postponed your wedding)

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It may go without saying, but it’s important to say: It absolutely sucks that you’ve had to postpone your wedding!  You just spent 6 months to 2 years planning this amazing event where you devote your life and your love another person and you were so excited to show off your hard work to your family and friends.  And now you’ve had to make the gut-wrenching decision to postpone your wedding date.  You may have hand picked your exact date for it’s meaning and now you’ve had to choose a date based upon nothing more than the availability of your venue.  It just all-around sucks!


I believe the silver lining is bright, however!  Maybe you were feeling stressed about last minute details and now you have a few months to breathe.  Maybe this extra time you’ve received with your fiancé cemented your decision to battle life’s ups and downs together.  Just now that your beautiful you had planned will still be beautiful even if it looks a little different!

Okay, now, let’s talk about your wedding dress!  I’m going to go over what to do if you’re a One Fine Day Bride and what to do if you purchased your wedding dress elsewhere!

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If you’re a #OneFineDayBride
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We’ve already got you taken care of because we were already taking care of you (and your wedding dress)!  You probably know we store your dress for you, for free, at our boutique.  The dresses are kept in dust free, breathable bags and they are stored in our “storage room” which receives no natural light.  If you’ve postponed your wedding date then you don’t need to do anything different than notify us of your new date.  If you were currently in alterations and have postponed your wedding date, we’ve already been in contact to get your new fitting dates settled!  All this means is we get to celebrate you for a little bit longer <3



If you’ve purchased your wedding dress elsewhere
You want to keep your dress in a closet that doesn’t get any visitors or natural light.  Natural light is one of your dress’s worst enemies so make sure to keep that to a minimum.  Heat also isn’t great for your wedding dress so be sure the closet is in a temperature-controlled place in your house.

You also want to store your dress in a closet that gets the least amount of foot traffic – a closet away from pets and kiddos.  If you’re able to hang your dress up high so the train isn’t bunched beneath it then that’s great!  Not necessary, but great!  If you’re dress came in a clear plastic bag, remove it from that and hang it by itself.  There’s no need to cover your wedding dress with a sheet, bag, tarp…anything.  Just keep it in a closet that is cool and is away from natural light.

If you had alteration appointments set up with your local seamstress, make sure you’ve been in contact with him or her about your new wedding date.  They’ll instruct you on how best to proceed for you and their alteration shop.

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At the end of the day, your wedding dress will be fine if it needs to be stored for longer than originally anticipated.  I joke with my brides that our wedding dresses are a lot hardier than they seem!  Never hesitate to reach out to us or your bridal gown boutique with questions or concerns.  We are 100% on your team and want to do whatever we can to help you through this process!

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